The Feedback Gents
"...erzeugen die Klangkünstler Robert Schleisiek und Thilo Schölpen mit Röhren und Lautsprechern magisch anmutende Klänge."
Bayrischer Rundfunk

"..."Feedback Aerophonium" are on first, as the boat slowly fills with guests. They move in and out of the audience, using objects they have brought with them, to create sounds with microphones. It is a symbiotic relationship that they have with each other and the people here. Picking up bottles, jars, cans, water bottles and drainpipes they produce an extraordinary sound. All the time, they are watching each other and using eye contact and short joyful interactions with each other to pace the piece. The energy between the two of them is palpable and effortless, moving from quiet clicks and ticks, to penetrating drones. These two clearly enjoy moving from place to place, interacting with place and person, making the space undeniably their own. I guess that every performance they do is unique, like two young boys, discovering a darkened cave and "telling" the audience what they have found through their sound..."
Minesweeper, London, October 18th 2014 by Molly Bloom

Extraschicht :
Nacht der Industriekultur
Cologne, FAR OFF Messe für Gegenwartskunst
Cafè Central, Bruxelles
Bar Babette/Berlin
Kunsthaus KuLe/Berlin
die digitale duesseldorf
Kulturtag Oberscheid
Kroeffelbach Festival
Salon des Amateurs/Duesseldorf
Kunst - Quartier Osnabrueck
PNEM Sound Art Festival, Uden, NL
The Feedback Gents @ salon Mommen, Bruxelles
"Feedback Plant" Soundinstallation,
Morley Gallery/London
MEDEA Electronique Electric Nights, Athen
Noisefloor, Stafford/UK
radical dB Festival, Zaragoza
mindsweeper Deptford/London
anatum's abode, London
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Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf
Blaue Nacht Nürnberg
Künstlerverein wp8 Duesseldorf
Theater Dortmund ...small beast
Johanneskirche Düsseldorf -
Playing the installation "Better Call the Mirror" of Nicola Schudy and Silke Brösskamp, Städtische Galerie Kaarst
Playing the installation "MATERIA PRIMA" of
Evangelos Papadopoulos. Tiefgarage Ebertplatz, Köln
Live at "Blaue Nacht", Nürnberg